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The Lockwoods | Family

Exactly one year ago, I worked with Tori and her family for the first time. From the moment I met them, I knew that they were a photographer’s dream. I mean, look at them…how gorgeous are they?! So when Tori contacted me this year to have her family photos done once again, I was beyond happy. It was so great to see them after such a long time; the kiddos looked so grown up compared to the last time I had seen them! Not only did they remember me after all this time, but they were actually excited about the session. Especially after I let them play photographer for a couple of minutes before beginning. Though we had no sun whatsoever, the smiles and giggles that reached my eyes and ears produced more than enough light for this session. I love the Lockwood Family…look through the photos and you’ll see why:)

Wardrobe Wednesday: No suit, just tie.

JT will be on his suit and tie, but for a session with Jennuine Photos, I recommend that dad stray away from something so formal. I say ditch the suit, keep the tie. While sessions are all about capturing who you really are, most people are uncomfortable with the idea of being photographed in say, their favorite tshirt and pair of jeans. I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t want to have a session done while wearing my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt that I’ve had since high school. For mom, finding the balance between casual and dressy is usually a pretty easy thing. However, when it comes to dad, things can get a little complicated. Dad’s first instinct is probably to throw on a dress shirt with a tie and tuck it into a belt. While there is nothing wrong with that, I encourage you to consider spicing it up a little bit. How do you do that? By throwing on a pullover on top of that shirt and tie! With the right pair of jeans, dad will have an outfit that will be up to par with mom’s. This look will look great on dads of all ages. Below, you’ll see some examples of the perfect balance between casual and dressy, between TMNT shirt and a suit. Enjoy!

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

Since the first set of holiday minis that I had offered ran out like hot cakes, I wanted to give those who were a bit late in snagging up a session a second chance to grab one.  These new set of holiday mini sessions won’t be like the previous ones, though; these will be special. For the first time ever, Jennuine Photos will be hosting these mini sessions at a Christmas farm! How exciting is that?! I had been wanting to have sessions done at a location like this for quite some time, and the time has finally come. These sessions will be styled, so you’ll not only be surrounded by beautiful trees, but by props that will add life and a story to your session. During your session, you can expect to sip on hot chocolate, decorate one of the trees on the farm as if it were your own, prance and play with your family, and have snowflake fight, ofcourse:) It will be 30 minutes of pure, holiday, stylish fun.

Below are some of the props that will be provided for the Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions. There are only 3 spots left, make sure that one of them is yours:)

Wardrobe Wednesday: Layers

First off, let me apologize for last week’s absence of Wardrobe Wednesday; it was a hectic week and the post just never happened. It won’t happen again, I promise;) Earlier last week, I ran into a session photographed by the amazing Simplicity Photography from Utah that I loved. Why am I linking another photographer on my blog? Well, because the family that she photographed had a wardrobe that was absolute perfection. In the pictures below, you will see all the things that make for a perfect wardrobe: cohesiveness, layering, and personality, all of which this family nailed. How amazing do they look?!

Holiday Mini Sessions Are Here!

November is finally here! What does that mean? It means pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, daylight’s savings (more sleep, yeay!), but most importantly, HOLIDAY MINI SESSIONS! These mini sessions are great because they’re short and sweet, your images will be ready in time to have your Christmas cards made, and they’re easier on your checkbook. So what are you waiting for? Book your mini session today and make Jennuine Photos part of your holidays:)